By Lady Jira


Right from wrong mattering no more

Aphrodite's child calls from a distant shore

I heed the beckon sent to me

And visit his kingdom by the sea

Where the beauty of nature knows no bounds

And the sea makes the only disonant sounds


In his eyes, the promise lay

Of endless love through night and day

Throughout the day we would run free

Upon the sands beside the sea

At night we play a different tune

And make sweet love beneath the moon


His passion fierce and eyes shine wild

Drawing my love like a hungry child

He taught me what it was to want

And how an aching need could haunt

But pleasure given in return

Would cause my very soul to burn


At morn' I'm filled with happiness

And still I feel his sweet caress

Beneath my hands, his bare form lies

The fire still burning in his eyes

I wish this dream would never end

My life, right here, I wish to spend


Right then I'm told what I should know

He never intended to let me go

And now I'm trapped, delighted to be

Within this haven by the sea

Looking into the future I see

That dreams can become reality.

ęcopyright 1999