Hello there...

This picture was taken of me in front of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, California.
More pictures below.

My name is Jira Taylor and I was asked to put up this website to share my poetry and some of the experiences I have had while traveling. Writing and traveling are hobbies I really enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too.

Updated 7/23/06
Hmmm... there seems to be quite a bit of erroneous information out there about me so allow me to offer a bit of rumor control.

I am not now nor have I ever been married. Just to show I’m not some kind of man-hating femin-nazi, I was affianced once but we decided mutually that we didn’t see the same future for ourselves and went our separate ways. The search continues.

Aside from the experience of rearing my brothers, I have never given birth. I have no children. I do, however, have adorable nephews and because of them, see myself as a mom some day. Not any day soon, but some day.

A bit about me? I stand about 5'5" tall. However while sitting, I'm not as tall. > =) This week my hair color is coppery red (espresso brown is my natural color) my eyes are espresso brown (also their natural color).

I grew up in northern California where I matriculated. I currently possess a degree in Business Management and hope to continue my education.

As a child, I reared my three younger brothers and though we all live in different parts of the state, we tend to be very close. Rearing my brothers is probably what made me a tom-boy. Don't worry guys, though I enjoy sporty activities, I'm all woman! I have one older sister but she has lived her whole life in Thailand so unfortunately we are not very close.

My father is retired from the Air Force and my childhood was spent traveling as a military brat. As a matter of fact, my father's nickname for me is still brat.

The constant travel is what engendered my adventurous spirit and I continue to love travel and exploration to this day. To get an idea of some of the places I've visited, I've been asked to write about them and the links can be found on my main page at: www.ladyjiraslair.com

The story behind Lady Jira? When I first acquired on-line access for my computer you would be amazed at how many people would send a girl messages wanting them to share in a bit of pornographic "cyber sex" or just to talk dirty to them. I had hoped to circumvent the more lascivious by announcing up front that they are in the presence of a lady. Thus the screen name, Lady Jira was born. This proved to be very little deterrent for some but the handle stuck.

If you would like to contact me or have any questions, feel free to drop me a line at: mailme@ladyjiraslair.com

These are pictures of me in chronological order, if you care to peruse...

This is me as a "lower case j".

This picture was taken for Senior pics. The silver spot on my head is really noticeable in this one.

I'm tiny, I'm tooney... and love to sing! 1988

Happy Halloween, 1989!

My brother, Chris, and me.

"Romulans, Klingons, and me, oh my!" 1995, I think.

I love Water! 1995

Me having dinner with friends. 1998

Me at Universal Studios, California, 2000.
Check out that trip. Click on the link.

At my computer. 2000

Elvis and me. 2001

Hi You! 2003

Cheezy Grin 2005

Smile! 2006

This is cute. 2007