by Lady Jira

Season's hectic.
Excitement electric.
Overall feeling,

 Mom is baking,
Things worth taking.
Precious thieves,
Quick fingers snaking.

 Colorful fare.
Big, bright eyes stare.
Cookies, candies,

In trouble now.
Not quite sure how,
Dad caught us sneaking
Off with the chow!

 But that's ok,
Sledding all day,
Has made my butt
Numb anyway!

 As night draws near,
Excitement sheer.
Not sure if morn'
Will ever get here!

 Small eyes peeping,
Not quite sleeping.
Hoping presents
Are worth keeping! 

Chestnuts roasting,
Parents toasting,
Children with their
Gifts a boasting.

 Hoping to please,
As I share these,
Fondest Christmas



ęcopyright 2001