by Lady J

Each year neighbor children meet,
At my front stoop begging for sweets!
In sing-song voices hear them bleat,
"Trick or treat, smell my feet,
Give me something good to eat."

Well how dare they demand that way,
That candy coated alms I pay?!
I'll show them... scare them away,
With grisly, gruesome, creepy, crawly,
"Did I wet my pants, oh golly!
Why did I commit such folly!"
Halloween display!

I made ghosts and goblins scary,
Leaping out at those unwary.
Plastic spiders in the tree,
Dropping on the ones that flee.

Skeletons with dripping gore,
Popping out a trap door floor.
Boiled eggs like eyeballs dressed,
Float in cauldron's gooey mess.
Though this is costly, you can bet,
I haven't lost my candy yet!

Until in town one day I heard,
A statement strange made with odd words.
"Trick or treat? Not! I'm gonna ditch,
I'm gonna go and see the Witch!"
"It's really cool, the things they do."
"Hey, can I go with you guys too?"

"What's wrong? Ya scared to go alone?"
Are they referring to my home?

"You think she'll scare ya this year, Yo?"
"Not a chance! 'least,... don't think so..."

To my chagrin, I didn't know,
That they enjoyed my ghastly show!
My efforts to protect my sweets,
Made my place "Best Dressed" on my street!

I noted even parents came,
Though in their cars they might remain!
It seems my purpose now is clear.
Can't disappoint the tikes this year!

Before I'm tempted now to preen,
I'll wish all "Happy Halloween"!