By Lady Jira

Slowly does the night unfold
Its mysteries revealed.
Like petals of the darkest rose
Who's secrets are concealed.

Shadows dance before your eyes
And tease you with temptation.
Promises your mind the truth
Withholds illumination.

Silken clawed chaotic thought
Heightening your fears.
In your throat your breath is caught
A heartbeat drums your ears.

Somewhere deep inside yourself
Your animal awakens.
A feral smile plays at your lips
The senses overtaken.

Sights, sounds and scents are sharp
As are touch and taste.
Desire for pleasure overwhelms
Though you stem the haste.

Inhibitions were your chains
Are gone but not forgotten.
Wild is the beast that reigns
Where it was begotten.

Now the mysteries of the night
Unfold at your request.
The kiss of darkness, bittersweet,
Your soul did it possess.

©copyright 1999